Erland has a broad repertoire of organ music playing everything from medieval up to contemporary music. He is performing concerts on a regular basis in Gothenburg and occasionally in other cities in Sweden. He is also performing in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, Spain and the UK. He has been broadcasted on Swedish and Greek radio and television. As a soloist Erland has been working with orchestras like Värmlands Sinfonietta, Linköpings Sinfonietta and Gothenburg Wind Orchestra. He is often engaged as accompanist by different choirs. Of course Erland loves to perform his own music, which has an authentic personal style that is very much appreciated by both the broad public and real music insiders.
Erland has composed more than 60 opuses with different settings of instruments and voices. Most of his compositions are for his own instrument, the pipe organ. You can find him published at Doblinger publ. Austria, at Trumph publ. Sweden and at
Every year Erland performs the big passions and oratories by Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Händel as well as contemporary church music at his church. As a conductor he very often cooperates with musicians of the Gothenburg Symphonic Orchestra and musicians of the Gothenburg Opera Orchestra.

photo by Lisa Kejonen Pauker

University examinations
2013-06-07 Master degree (Concert Diploma 3 years fulltime studies) Appendix 1
2001-01-31 Choirpedagogue degree (2 years halftime studies) Appendix 2
1992-05-27 Church music degree (4 years fulltime studies) Appendix 3
1987-06-05 Music teacher degree (4 years fulltime studies) Appendix 4
1986-08-22 Single course in metodik (summercourse) Appendix 5

Other examinations
1986-07-26 "little" Organist and kantor degree Appendix 6
1982-06-07 One year specialcourse in music senior High-School Karlstad
1981-06-05 Two years Music senior High-school Karlstad Appendix 7
1979-06-10 Nine years of preliminary school Appendix 8

15-09.2011 -18.09.2011 Gothenburg international organacademy Appendix 9
22.04.2008. -27.04.2008 Bodo International organ festival (Norway)
15.04.2007. -20.04.2007 Masterclass "The organs of East Frisia"( Germany) Appendix 10
14.08.2007 -20.08.2007 Göteborgs internationella orgelakademi Appendix 11
03.03.2007. -10.03.2007. Historical organs in Mallorca (Spain)
02.04.2007. -29.04.2007 Bodo International organ festival (Norway)
05.08.2012 -15.08.2012 Göteborgs internationella orgelakademi Appendix 12
05.08.2000 -18.08.2000 Göteborgs internationella orgelakademi Appendix 13
06.08.1998 -18.08.1998 Göteborgs internationella orgelakademi Appendix 14
15.08.1994 -20.08.1994 Göteborgs internationella orgelakademi Appendix 15
Sommaren 1986 6-veckors intenscourse small kantor degree Göteborg
Januari 1986 5 days music science research prof. Jan Ling Appendix 16
09.01.1984 -17.02.1984 Basic education for firebrigade Appendix 17

Diskografi (Erland Hildén solo CD)
Dreams of the Past 2017 (Proprius/Naxos) 
Meditation och Euforia 2009 (Proprius/Naxos)
Orgeltoner från Örgryte 2001 (Örgryte församling)
Orgeltoner från Värmland 1996 (Trumph)

Written theses
1987 Interpretationsmetodik (specialarbete musiklärarlinjen Ingesund, 2.5 universitetspoäng)
2013 En vild renässanstoccata (thesis =scientificpaper about Johann Ulrich Steigleder and his opus magnum tabulaturbüch "Dass Vatter Unser", musikhögskolan i Piteå, 10 universitetspåäng)

Work experience                                                                                         
1998.01.15- continues. Organist 100% i Örgryte församling, Göteborg Appendix 18
1991.08.19 - 1998.01.15 Assistant cathedralorganist 100% I Karlstads Cathedral Appendix 19
1997.11.01 -1998.15.01 Substitute Cathedralorganist in Karlstad Appendix 20
1993.04.01 -1993.08.31 Substitute Cathedralorganist in Karlstad Appendix 20
1990.07.01 -1990.07.31 Substitute Cathedralorganist in Karlstad Appendix 21
1989.07.01 -1989.07.31 Substitute Cathedralorganist in Karlstad Appendix 21
Läsåret 91/92 Teacher Geijerskolan Ransäter (Church musican education) Appendix 22
Läsåret 92/93 Teacher Geijerskolan Ransäter (Church musican education) Appendix 22
1985.08.01 -1987.06.01 employment as Kantor Glava värmland, part-time job Appendix 23
1984.09.01 -1984.12.20 Military cervice at fire-brigade Appendix 24
1982-1983 Keybordist in funkgroup Productions
1978-1982 Keybordist in popgroup Falkarna
1976-1977 Keybordist in popgroup Kalabalik